Our Letters to the Community
Ian Penders
Justice Candidate

Over the past few weeks I have been out meeting with each of you and I have been overwhelmed by the kindness shown to me by the community. I am seeking the office of Clarkson Town Justice because I believe I have the experience, credentials and values this community deserves. After attending Brockport High School and graduating from The College at Brockport, I earned my law degree from Albany Law School and returned home to practice law in our community.

I am currently a practicing attorney and I have appeared in every court in Monroe County as well as outlying counties. I know my way around the courtroom and more importantly, I know the law. Criminal and civil procedure continues to grow more complex, and should not be navigated by those without the proper legal training. This comes at a considerable cost to individual’s rights and could cost tax payer dollars if not handled properly.

I am the only attorney in this race and I would be proud to serve in the position of Town Justice. I became an attorney because I have a strong passion for the law and I believe that our judicial system is the finest in the world. My years of legal education and experience will serve me well in this capacity.

Furthermore, my experienced running mates have welcomed me into their campaign as we share similar values and understand the importance of serving the Town of Clarkson. I wholeheartedly believe Paul Kimball, Patrick Didas, Allan Hoy, and Robert Viscardi will continue to serve Clarkson with the same vigor and passion they have shown in the past. I hope to add to this team by bringing my legal experience to the Bench. Thank you for considering giving me your support for Clarkson Town Justice on November 7.

Ian Penders
Candidate for Clarkson Town Justice

Patrick Didas
Councilperson Candidate

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Clarkson for the privilege of representing them on their Town Board. I am running again this November to continue as your fiscal steward. I am confident my accomplishments, coupled with my credentials, serve to make me an excellent candidate. My running mates and I, endorsed by the Republican, Conservative, Independence, and Reform parties, are ready to continue to bring you excellent town services while remaining under the tax cap requirements imposed by the state. We are proud of the fact that we have never exceeded the tax cap. We always put the taxpayer first and work hard to create a balanced budget that works to serve our constituents best.

Over the past four years, I have been successful in implementing many initiatives that have served to improve and enhance our community. Visit our website at clarksonrepublicans.com for further details.

Professionally, I am Assistant Vice President and Chief Audit Executive at RIT, holding the professional credentials of Certified Public Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner. These credentials require I adhere to professional standards including the highest level of ethics and integrity in all that I do. As a former member of the Zoning Board of Appeals and Chair of the Planning Board, I understand all facets of business that comes before the Town. I am a third generation, Clarkson resident of 26 years. I am proud alum of Brockport High School, Alfred State, and RIT. My wife Dawn and I have two children.

I serve on the Finance Council of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In addition, I have established excellent relationships with our county, state and local municipality representatives. Experience counts in municipal leadership. You the voters are the employer, please choose your town representatives wisely.

I would appreciate your support at the polls on November 7th so I may continue to conservatively and responsibly monitor your town resources; maintain the town’s historical heritage; and promote effective economic growth in Clarkson. I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

Patrick Didas,
Clarkson Councilman

Paul Kimball
Supervisor Candidate

Over the last several months, as I go door to door seeking re-election as your Town Supervisor, it’s incredible the amount of pride folks have in our town. They tell me how much they enjoy Clarkson Good Neighbor Day, the annual Children’s Christmas Party, and the use of lodges at our parks. They also like the fact that we are partnered with Brockport and Sweden to provide a library none of us could afford alone. They tell me how their children use many of the programs at the Sweden-Clarkson Community Center.

We have been able to provide these programs and more, all the while staying under the NYS property tax cap. This allows our residents to receive a property tax rebate check from NYS. Our commitment to fiscal responsibility and prudent financial planning makes this possible. As a matter of fact the 2018 town tax rate will be less than it was in 2003.

It our combined experienced leadership that allows us to keep taxes so low. You wouldn’t turn your personal finances over to someone with absolutely no financial experience. You shouldn’t do that with your tax dollars either.

I pride myself that I have the most open, transparent and participatory town board meetings in Monroe County and maybe the nation. I will meet with anyone and everyone, taking calls on my cell phone any time of day and even making house calls when necessary. I am here to work for you and I put that into practice 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I ask for your vote on election day November 7th.

Paul Kimball
Clarkson Supervisor

Allan Hoy
Councilperson Candidate

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve on the Clarkson town council for the last 23 years. I believe that experience matters which along with being invested in the community make me a logical choice for re-election.

My family arrived in Clarkson 209 years ago, before it became a town. I live on Lake Road with my wife Debbie. I graduated from both Brockport High School and Monroe Community College. I am retired from the Eastman Kodak Company and presently work at Rochester Precision Optics as a manufacturing engineer.

I continue to be an active volunteer firefighter in the Brockport Fire Department joining 41 years ago. I have held many other community volunteer positions over the years in the Sweden/Clarkson Recreation and Parks Advisory Board, Monroe County Fire Advisory Board, Brockport-ClarksonSweden Joint Recreation, Clarkson Planning Board and Monroe County Planning Council. These volunteer positions demonstrate that I am experienced and invested in our community.

My guiding philosophies as a public servant are that I believe in being fiscally responsible and to apply a sensible approach to growth and development. That means keeping taxes low and keeping what is best for Clarkson as a whole, in the forefront. It’s important for me to listen more than I talk, so I can fully understand what people need. I believe that government exists to protect the freedom of each person, not restrict it.

My running mates on the Republican, Conservative, Independence, and Reform Party lines are as experienced and invested in the community as I am. We would appreciate your support on Election Day so to continue moving the Town of Clarkson forward.

Allan Hoy
Clarkson Councilman

Robert Viscardi
Highway Superintendent Candidate

As a life-long resident of the Brockport/Clarkson community, I have seen plenty of change. Being an employee of the Town of Clarkson for 20 years (the last 5 years as Highway Superintendent), I have been personally involved in the completion of many capital projects, which in my opinion, have greatly improved the landscape of the Town.

In the past 25 years, the Town has built the Courthouse, Firehouse, Sans Souci Park boat launch, Hafner Park, Ridgewood Park, Veterans Park, 2 lodges, 2 pavilions, 2 playgrounds, and handicap access to the Town Hall and Courthouse. We have also installed over 40,000 feet of water main and 12,000 feet of sewer main. These projects were all completed by the Highway Department work force, saving the residents hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor; and are the direct result of the experienced, fiscally responsible, and proactive leadership of the Town Board.

The Veterans Park on Ridge Road (Rt. 104) has recently been unfairly criticized by our opponents, as part of their less than truthful campaign. The Town purchased the former brownfield parcel in 2010. Many will remember it as the old “104 Enterprises”, an eyesore for years. The Town Board obtained grants to remove the underground tanks and remediate the site. The DEC declared that the site was free of any contamination in 2011, and yearly testing has confirmed that it remains contaminant free to date.

Shortly thereafter, local veterans and Town Board members were looking for an area to honor local heroes, and the old “104 Enterprises” site seemed ideal for a park. Former Highway Superintendent David Goodwin (1998-2013) is a Veteran, and he was very proud to start and complete the project. A volunteer committee of residents was formed, including, servicemen from the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Desert Storm, and they developed a plan for the park. After the Highway Department completed the construction of the park, the community took over. Volunteers from the committee, local Veterans, the Town Board, and the Girl Scouts, made various contributions to honor Clarkson’s heroes. Our VFW donated the flag pole, and a local Girl Scout troop donated the stone wall and benches. All took great pride in making the Veterans Park a reality.

In conclusion, I’m sure you will agree that we have made great strides in our Town over the last 25 years, with much more to come. We hope for your vote on November 7th.