Christa Filipowicz

Christa L. Filipowicz is currently serving her fourth term on the Clarkson Town Board. Prior to her tenure on the Council, she began her service to the town in 1991 as a member and chair of the Planning Board.

A long time resident of Clarkson, Christa works as marketing manager for Rochester Institute of Technology. She was employed at SUNY Brockport for 25 years, and has actively supported activities for RIT and SUNY Brockport. Over the years her community volunteer activities have included service to the SUNY Brockport Alumni Association - Board of Directors and president; LIFE/Liberty Partnership program for area at-risk youth – advisory board; Brockport HS booster clubs for hockey and football; youth baseball; and the Lakeside Hemlock Twig. Christa was honored to be inducted into SUNY Brockport's Hall of Heritage in 2003.

During her tenure with the Town of Clarkson, Christa has focused much of her energy on updating the 30-year old Comprehensive Plan. As Planning Board chair during the 1990's she witnessed the explosive growth in town, and the vulnerabilities that went with it. She professionally guided residents and developers through this unprecedented time and volunteered to take on the large task of updating the Clarkson Comprehensive Plan.

After administering and analyzing the Clarkson Community Survey, she formed a bi-partisan Comprehensive Planning Committee who met monthly for over a year. This dedicated group of volunteers provided crucial information from their neighborhoods and focus groups with developers, youth, seniors and farmers. After nearly six years, the plan was adopted by the Town Board in 2007. The resulting creation of mixed-use hamlets will clearly focus the development in town and enhance the future viability of commercial development. Christa wrote the grants that assisted with the comprehensive plan and sidewalks on Lake Road near Lifetime Assistance and Hafner Park.

A fiscal conservative, Christa has long been a proponent for educating our residents about the town budgets, tax rates, and assessments. She seeks to reduce costs through shared services including the Seymour Library, Sweden Clarkson Recreation Center, and municipal agreements for equipment use. In addition, she is an advocate for the Town's transfer station and the substantial savings that are realized by users.

Christa believes in less government, lower taxes, and encourages more direct involvement by the residents. She is an advocate for voter registration, and encourages the younger members of our community to make full use this privilege.

Christa resides on Lake Road with her husband Steve and sons Kyle and Ryan.


  • SUNY Brockport – Masters in Public Administration – Public Administration
  • SUNY Brockport – Bachelor of Science – Physical Education
  • National Incident Management – Emergency Management Institute Certifications: 100, 200, 700, 800
  • Local Land Use Decision Making