Christopher Wilcox

As I complete my first four year term as your Town Justice, I would like to thank the residents of Clarkson for the privilege of serving them as their Town Court Judge. I am confident my accomplishments, experience, and professional credentials make me the most qualified candidate for the Clarkson Town Justice.

I was raised in Clarkson and have resided here my entire life, other than my tour in the United State Marine Corps and attending Albany Law School. Professionally, I have my own private law practice in the Village of Brockport and belong to many professional organizations such as the Monroe County Magistrates Association, New York Bar Association, and the Monroe County Bar Association.

During my term, I have been successful with assisting in the implementation of several initiatives and developments for the Clarkson Court and the Clarkson Courthouse. We have been successful in obtaining and instituting numerous upgrades, both physically and procedurally. Such upgrades include: a new court bench financed by a grant obtained through the Justice Court Assistance Program; implementing a voice activated recorder for arraignments, criminal and civil actions, allowing the entire procedure to be recorded; increased court security, which includes metal detectors; and the current installation of a new handicap ramp to the court house entrance. I feel my experience and efforts have helped increase the safety and well-being of our residents and look forward to continuing to make our Clarkson Town Court even better.

The Republican, Independence, and Conservative parties have endorsed me and I am sure you will appreciate the fair campaign that I will run. I sincerely look forward to meeting you as I campaign door to door and I would appreciate your support on November 2nd.


Christopher T. Wilcox
Clarkson Town Justice